Copa America Submission Grappling Rules:

1. No-Gi competitors must wear T-shirts, shorts, (fight shorts or board shorts) cup, and mouthpiece. Gi must be worn in Gi competition.


3 min. for children
4 min. for teens, senior, and novice divisions
5 min. for, women,beginners and intermediate
6 min. for advanced
7 min. for absolute

3. No leg locks, heel hooks, toe holds, knee bars, crushes and wedges or it’s variations are allowed in children, teen, novice, or beginners divisions.

4. All submissions are legal in intermediate, advanced, and absolute divisions. NO STRIKING of any kind will be tolerated, including punching, kicking, head butts, elbows or knees.

5. No slamming in any division to escape danger or the guard will be allowed. Throws or takedowns are NOT considered slamming.

6. NO biting, spiting, hair pulling, eye gouging, ( any part of body) fish hooking, no hooking, no finger or toe locks will be tolerated and considered unsportsmanlike conduct, the offender will be disqualified.

7. The officials, judges and referees rulings are final! Any disagreement with their ruling must be submitted in writing for review.

8. Wrestling shoes are optional

9. All matches start on the referees command and are allowed to “float" to other rings or match areas, only if the competitors are in danger of hurting other competitors, or giving off the mat surface, will they be moved or stopped.

10. If a competitor is in possible danger of injury the referee does have the ability to stop the match. However, every attempt will be made to warn the competitor of the possible stoppage.

11. No attacking the windpipe with the fingers will be allowed.

12. Stalling, avoiding your opponent, running out of bounds, butt-scooting is not allowed.

13. Competitors will be given one (1) warning, and one (1) point deduction for every foul committed after the first warning.

14. POINTS: tap outs are considered surrender and a loss, which can be done verbally or physically.

15. In the children’s division is a child begins to cry he has tapped out. Also in any division if someone is cut or bleeding, time will be stopped and 2 minutes will be allowed to stop the bleeding, if it does not stop the match will be forfeited.

16. Prizes: Only one sword will be give per child or teen per event. All Other first place winners will receive a custom Copa America Medal for all subsequent division wins. 


Throws 4 points Both feet must leave the ground.
( 4 points in No-Gi comp. only)
Takedowns 2 points If one foot stays on the ground
Sweeps 2 points From Guard or Half Guard
Reversals 2 points From Bottom to Top Position (Except from Mount)
Knee on Chest 2 points For 3 seconds with Straight Leg
Mount 4 points Both Knees and Feet on Mat for 3 seconds
Pass Guard 3 points Chest to Chest, Opponent Flat for 3 seconds
Rear Mount 4 points Control with Both hooks in for 3 seconds.
Advantages will be awarded for near points or near submissions and only used in a tie. If deadlocked a 2 minute overtime may be used.

Absolute Divisions:

We reserve the right to change or eliminate any and all absolute divisions leading up to and during the day of the event.

Weight Classes: